Our Vision

Let’s See What Only God Can Do

The vision began with Global Outreach Day (GOD) in 2012, an annual initiative of increased evangelistic focus on the last Saturday each May. In 2020, this movement extends to ONE MONTH and is called Go2020.

Over the past seven years, participation has grown to 250,000 churches in 140 countries who are engaged in personal evangelism, community outreach, and church planting through GOD. This has resulted in over 6 million indicated decisions for Christ.

In 2020, as ONE CHURCH from many nations and denominations collaborate together, we can multiply this impact.

Go2020 has the potential to be a movement of God’s people and the Gospel like never before in the history of the Church. However, ONE thing is still needed: you, your ministry, and your church. Let’s all commit to Go2020 and see what only God can do.