Go to God. Our greatest and most important effort is prayer.

The core of Go2020 is living out the habits of prayer/care/share and making disciples. Prayer is our declaration of dependence on God for people to come to know Him and trust Him. Leaders should model it and every believer can do it. Start by prayerfully asking God to show you 5 or more people who are close to you, but far from Him. Prayer Triplets are a great way to have accountability and increase prayer for “My 5”.

Take 60 seconds right now to list out your 5 right now and pray the following prayer:

Father God, thank you for loving me and my friends. Thank you for showing your love by sending Jesus to die for us all. Thank you that Jesus wants to live in us and empower us to live His way. Please help my friends to come to know your love, turn from their own way, and follow you. Please help me to show others that I trust in you. Thank you for hearing my prayer. In the name of Jesus, Amen.