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Our Response to COVID-19

This is an unprecedented hour for humanity. We are faced with one of the largest challenges in modern history with the Covid-19 pandemic. As the global church, we must respond urgently and lead with care for those in our communities.

But our focus doesn’t stop with just our communities; we have The Message of hope in a world that so desperately needs to hear right now.

Although we may not currently be able to connect and interact in the familiar physical spaces, we see an equal opportunity to create new connections with the people in our lives through digital platforms.

We believe that Go2020, as a movement, is perfectly positioned in this historical moment as a vehicle to empower and resource believers to reach people (both digitally and physically) who are lonely, afraid and in need of the Gospel.

We are calling 10 Million believers to reach 100 Million people in the USA starting NOW.

Through the simple actions of PRAYER - CARE - SHARE. We believe everyone can reach someone and together we can reach the world.

Our Challenge:

In order to decrease the percentage of those suffering, feeling afraid and without hope - we all need to increase our percentage of participation in the Great Commission. This season of Christianity is not going to be measured in the attendance of services, but in how close we can get to 100% participation in the lifestyle Jesus modeled.

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God is activating everyday believers in the biggest move of God in history.

Let's Go Month Of Movement

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” – Matthew 28:19

EveryoneCan ReachSomeone

TogetherWe Can ReachThe World

Join the largest evangelism movement in history this May!

Let's Go

GO2020 is a global campaign to mobilize 100 Million believers to reach 1 Billion people with the Gospel.

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"The word ‘Go’ appears 1542 times in the Bible while the word ‘stay’ 62. God wants you to ‘go’ and live out his plan for your life. Go and walk in his promises. Go and be a blessing. Go and be Light. Go and change the world. Don’t get stuck, GO!"

– Sammy Rodriguez